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Problem in Building English Speaking Habit for Tenth Grade Students’ of SMA ISLAM DORO PEKALONGAN in the Academic Year 2006/2007


The main objectives of the study are to described the students’ problem is building English Speaking Habit, to find out the solution of the problem.
The subjects of the study are tenth grade students of SMA ISLAM DORO PEKALONGAN. There are 25 students.
The writer used observation sheets and interview sheets as the instruments to collect the data.
After the data had been analyzed ; it found that:
1. Fifty percent two of the tenth grade students SMA ISLAM, seldom use English in their speaking and forty four percent them almost never use English in their interaction especially SMA ISLAM environment. This number was very extreme because it was compared with number of often categories, students always use English in their social interaction.
2. Nearly thirty two percent of the students used English in their social interaction because of low self confidence, twenty percent was no partner, twenty percent was difficulty, sixteen percent was in habit use English, twelve was laziness, four percent because of derision from their friends. Most of the students always used Indonesian and their mother tongue for their social interaction.
3. Sixty-Eight of students who have high motivation in learning have been able to use English especially in their social interaction, twelve of students who have high motivation in learning English is to get a good mark in national evolution. Eight percent of students who have high motivation in learning English because they wants to be a teacher.

From the difficulties faced by the students, the students should improve their ability to express competence by using English practice, join with English speaking club to practice their speaking skill, the students’ should improve their competence in order to reach a brighter future, because English is very important for their life. The last, the writer hopes that the result of his this study can be a good input for the readers relation with English reading learning process.



A. Background of the study
Language is the most important tool we use. It serves the purpose of communication with our fellows and without it no coordinated activity exists. It is used practically in every moment of our lives. Without Language, we lose some of our human qualities and sink to the level of the animals.
English is one of thousand languages existing in this world. It becomes more and more important because it is an international language, which the people all over the world used it as a facilitator for some kinds of international relationship.
Using English to communicate means to use it for expressing our ideas and opinions to others. Communication gives an easy way to speaker in sending her / his message and for the hearer in catching by all foreign English learners in order to get a communicate use of English.
We, as English learners, hope to have a communicate use of English especially in mastering a good spoken language. It is something reasonable to considers because the common way used by people to communicate is spoken language. When people use the spoken language to communicate is not easy as producing the ideas their express.
As we know, a man is social creatures and the most important is their social action. In their social action, there is a common element that is agreed and known by people to relate their members in their society. Because of that, they need a language to communicate. People use it for facilitating their needs. The necessities make them have cooperate with other people in their society.
The writer sees that many students seldom use English in their speaking. In their daily activities, they always use Indonesian of their mother tongue. This phenomenon can be seen at all students. The writer considers that condition as a serious problem in their daily activity.
Based on the explanation above, the writer chooses the topic “Reason of the grade students seldom use English in their speaking (inside and outside of the class).

B. Reasons for Choosing the Topic
The writer wants to choose “Problem in building English speaking habit for tenth grade students of SMA ISLAM DORO PEKALONGAN in academic year 2006 / 2007 for the following reason that many of English students are passive to practice their English.

C. Statements of the Problem
The writer wants state the problem of follows:
1. What problems do the tenth grade students of SMA ISLAM DORO PEKALONGAN have to face in building English speaking habit?
2. What are some possible solutions for the problems?

D. Objectives of the Study
The writer has the objective as follows:
1. Describing the students’ problem in building speaking English habit for tenth grade students school environment
2. Finding out the solution to the problem

E. Significance of the Study
1. To the teacher
It can help teachers to give more motivation to their students in order to reach a good grade in English, especially in speaking achievement. It means that teachers give more understanding for their students in order to realize how important learning foreign language is. It is not only written practice but also spoken practice, because the main goal in learning foreign language is to know the language and practice it to communicate to others.
2. To the students
It can help them to know the problems and causes and finally they can solve their problem so they can improve their achievement and actively use English in their communication.
3. To the readers
The readers are hope d to get information, knowledge and advantages by reading this thesis

F. Clarification of Key Term
To avoid misunderstanding, the writer explains some words used in the title of this thesis.
1. Problem is doubtful or difficult question, thing hard to understand or deal with (the oxford dictionary, 1969 : 428)
2. Habit is settled tendencies or practice, practice that is hard to, give up constitution (of body or mind), clothes esp. (the oxford dictionary, 1969: 244).
3. School environments
School means institution for educating children or giving instruction it’s building, its pupils, time given to teaching, being educated in school, circumstances etc. Serving to discipline or interact Following or holding similar principles or opinions (little oxford Dictionary of current English, 1986, 1987: 489).
Environment means surrounding and conditions in which people live (1980,1983,1991:140)
4. The Tenth Grade Students’ of SMA ISLAM Pekalongan
For the complete description, this topic deals with all of the facts, arguments and motives that are used in individuals or group interaction in the student’s community.
5. Social interaction consist of two key word :social and interaction.
The phrase above refers to the students who have been studying where the research conducted.
Social means relating to man living in society or to the public as an aggregate body (The New Grolier Webster International Dictionary of English Language, 1976 : 920).
Interaction from word interact means act together or co-operatively, esp as to communicate with each other(oxford Advance Learner ‘ Dictionary of Current English,1989 : 653)

G. Outline of the thesis
This study is divided into five chapter :
Chapter I is an introduction to the further discussion. This chapter includes background of the study, reason for choosing the topic, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, significance of the study, definition of the key terms, and outline of the study.
Chapter II is Review of Related Literature, consisting of Speaking and Motivation.
Chapter III is Methodology of the Research. This chapter includes Type of Research, Subject of the Study, Instrument, Technique of Collecting Data and Technique of Data Analysis.
Chapter IV is dealing with Analysis and Discussion of the Research findings.
Chapter V is consisting of the conclusion of the research.



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