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The main objectives of the study are to described the students’ problem is building English Speaking Habit, to find out the solution of the problem.
The subjects of the study are tenth grade students of SMA ISLAM DORO PEKALONGAN. There are 25 students.
The writer used observation sheets and interview sheets as the instruments to collect the data.
After the data had been analyzed ; it found that:
1. Fifty percent two of the tenth grade students SMA ISLAM, seldom use English in their speaking and forty four percent them almost never use English in their interaction especially SMA ISLAM environment. This number was very extreme because it was compared with number of often categories, students always use English in their social interaction.
2. Nearly thirty two percent of the students used English in their social interaction because of low self confidence, twenty percent was no partner, twenty percent was difficulty, sixteen percent was in habit use English, twelve was laziness, four percent because of derision from their friends. Most of the students always used Indonesian and their mother tongue for their social interaction.
3. Sixty-Eight of students who have high motivation in learning have been able to use English especially in their social interaction, twelve of students who have high motivation in learning English is to get a good mark in national evolution. Eight percent of students who have high motivation in learning English because they wants to be a teacher.



1.1General Background of the Study

Human beings are ordinarily curious about each other’s, themselves or
to convey their ideas related to human experience. In addition, they often ask
questions about the reasons for her behavior and action. To satisfy their
curiosity they learn through reading literature. Literature is not only gives us a
fantasy of enjoying reading, but also takes us to understand and to learn about
life experience.
People often tend to interpret it as textbooks or as anything simply that
is written. This definition is too broad. Rees, (1973:2) states that:
Literature at least has two different ways in using the word literature.
First, literature in the broad sense means anything that is written. This
kind of literature is used when people need information. Second,
literature in addition, serious sense, means a permanent expression in
words of some thought or feeling or idea about life and the world.
Literature is performance in word; it strongly holds our attention
seems complete in itself; it is not primary regarded as sources of information,
it is offer unique delight satisfaction (Barnet, et. al, 1963:8). (more…)